Who We Are

The Moose Travel Network was established in 1997 by two Canadian entrepreneurs who wanted to show visitors the real Canada. Inspired by the successful examples set by companies in Australia and New Zealand, they started offering trips departing from Vancouver and Toronto.

Since then Moose has carried thousands of satisfied passengers tens of thousands of kilometres throughout this beautiful country. Moose has built an excellent international reputation for quality service and memorable experiences.


Our tours have been carefully designed to provide passengers with opportunities to see and learn about the real Canada. Our buses are clean, safe, reliable and comfortable while our staff are friendly and enthusiastic, what more could you ask for? We guarantee you will enjoy whatever tour you choose when you ride with Moose!


The buses used by Moose include modern 13 and 24 seat mini-coaches and 11 seat passenger vans. We choose these vehicles because they provide safe, comfortable transportation through cities and wilderness alike. With a smaller group, you get to know our driver guides so you are not lost in a crowd!


The Moose Travel Network is committed to doing our part to protect our natural heritage. Travel by bus is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of transportation (up to 475% more fuel efficient than a hybrid car), however we recognize this isn’t enough. We are working with our suppliers to reduce our impact on the planet, and we actively encourage Moose travellers to do the same at home and while travelling with us.