Solo and Group Travel

Independent Group Travel

Moose Travel offers a unique style of bus tours allowing the independent traveler flexibility to create their own experience, while offering a fun group atmosphere. Our tours have been designed for solo travelers, couples or groups of friends, with our friendly guides leading group activities. During the day we are exploring together on the bus, but once in a location you can choose to explore on your own, or join in with the group. You can choose to jump off the bus in our Hub Destinations to use the flexi-pass.

You will always be booked a dorm bed in a coed room during your Moose tour. However, all of our accommodation partners offer private rooms and dorm rooms so you don’t have to share a bed with strangers. Find out more about accommodation here.


Hop on a Moose bus and you’ll have new friends in no time.


Small Group Tours

Our buses carry an up to 21 passengers, which means we have time to stop regularly and explore various locations enroute. Unlike traveling on a large coach tour, our buses are designed so that you can chat with friends, play music on the speakers, and take in the amazing scenery through the extra large windows.  Each day offers free activities that can include hiking and swimming which can be done with the group. There will also be time for individual activities and exploration in the evenings.

Each night there will be an option to eat with the group or to do your own thing. Some tours offer included meals (see tour description for details) and all hostels provide kitchen facilities to prepare your own food. Our knowledgeable guides will recommend great dining options along the way so you can try classic Canadian poutine and elk nachos!

Catch a ferry to Vancouver Island and start exploring!

Explore Canada and meet people from all around the world.

Solo Travelers

If you are traveling alone we can pretty much guarantee that you will make new friends before the tour is over. Many of our guests arrive by themselves but finish the tour with new contacts from all over the world.

There is no single supplement on our tours (unlike many larger tour operators).


Moose offers flexibility to explore on your own or enjoy the atmosphere of group travel.


Meet Locals and Make New Friends

We hire local guides who are expert ambassadors for Canada to show you what life in this country is all about. The bus stops in many small towns along the way to see local farms, shops and markets, allowing you to experience authentic Canadian life. While traveling throughout British Columbia and Alberta you’ll meet some of the friendliest Canadians around while experiencing their great hospitality. Ask a local about hockey (not “ice hockey”) or about the best hiking spots around and you’ll certainly get enthusiastic responses.