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Pristine Labour’s strategy is to provide quality temporary labour for the construction, manufacturing and warehouse industries.Through a well-thought out and detailed screening process, Pristine Labour makes a sincere effort to find the right person for the right job. We are always looking for temporary labourers of all experience levels (including ticketed carpenters) to work with our national clients.What we offer is a friendly team to assist you to not only find work, but to keep you working. Moving from client to client, you get the opportunity to experience many different work sites, and to meet lots of travellers and friendly local Canadians.


A UK market leader in work, intern and volunteer abroad programmes, BUNAC provides the unique opportunity to spend an extended time living, working and travelling overseas. BUNAC’s key markets are the UK and USA with flagship programmes being Intern in Britain and Work Canada. Other opportunities include flexible working holiday programmes Australia and New Zealand, as well as volunteering placements in Africa, Asia and America. Participants can take part in a BUNAC programme as part of their summer vacation, during a gap year, after graduation or as a career break. Established in 1962, BUNAC has enabled hundreds of thousands of travellers to explore the world through work and travel and is today recognised as a specialist in the field of overseas work and travel programmes.