Is there a baggage limit?

Luggage Restrictions

Each passenger is restricted to one reasonably sized main backpack, bag, or suitcase to be stored in the bus luggage compartment, with a maximum allowable weight of 23kg (50lbs) and maximum linear dimensions (Height + Width + Depth) of 158cm (62in). In addition, each passenger may bring one small daypack that will be carried in the passenger compartment of the bus.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept luggage that exceeds our weight and/or size restrictions, and we will not cover any storage costs incurred by the client as a result. If we do accept overweight or oversize luggage, we will charge a fee of $50 per bag for overweight/oversize pieces. Note that the decision to accept an overweight/oversize piece can only be made at departure.

Backpack or Suitcase?

Please be advised that we have limited space in the luggage storage compartments of our buses. Therefore, we recommend bringing a backpack rather than a suitcase, since they are typically smaller and easier to pack into the bus luggage storage area. Please also note there are no elevators/lifts in any of the hostels that Moose stays at, and thus a backpack will be easier to carry around.

Luggage Storage in Vancouver and Banff

The Samesun hostels in Vancouver and Banff have storage facilities at a small cost that can be accessed by Moose passengers. Please contact the hostels directly for more information: