Nestled on Pudget Sound in the Pacific Northwest lies the beautiful city of Seattle. The Emerald City is a fantastic blend of nature and cosmopolitan, as it is both an outdoor enthusiasts playground and a major American business centre. This has helped enable it to be one of the most livable places in the US, with great restaurants, shopping, entertainment and nightlife, to go along with mild year round temperatures.


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Seattle is known for some very distinct and unconnected things. It has long been synonymous with grunge music, and as the birthplace of Starbucks. Not exactly two things that go hand in hand. But both flannel and coffee culture are alive and well in Seattle. It is also known from a variety of movies and TV shows, including Sleepless in Seattle, Grey’s Anatomy and Frasier.



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And if you fancy watching a very large salmon fly across a market packed with locals and tourists alike, then head straight to the Pike Place Market, one of the oldest farmers markets in the US. The oddities don’t end with the fish tossing though, as you can also find a gum wall and the original Starbucks here, all complete with beautiful waterfront views.


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Seattle also has a prominent sports scene, and during the summer months you should definitely try and take in a Seattle Mariners baseball game at the beautiful Safeco field (try the garlic fries). The Seattle Sounders (Major League Soccer) and Seattle Seahawks (National Football League) both play across the road at Century Link Field.


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The city also boasts an outstanding food and drink scene, and is not limited to just seafood and various hot drinks. There are also fantastic shopping opportunities, and a great evening scene packed with local breweries, lounges and nightclubs, along with plenty of live music options. The list of bands to come out of Seattle is endless, and includes Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.

So pack your flannel shirt, grab a latte, and join us in the Emerald City.

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