How do you describe a city such as Portland? With the slogan ‘Keep Portland Weird’ poking out at you constantly, it’s difficult to describe what exactly makes this city so wonderful. Known for its breweries and food, and made further popular by the TV show Portlandia, this city is certainly an oddball among its American brethren. Whatever your take on it is, the pleasant laid-back feel of this welcoming city always seems to leave a lasting positive impression.


While Portland is not renowned for its tourist sites, there are a few that certainly warrant further exploration. The Portlandia Statue is one of our favourites, which is also the second largest copper statue in the US after the Statue of Liberty. The Pioneer Courthouse in the centre of town dates back to 1869 and is one of the oldest in the city.


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One thing that really makes Portland stand out though is the stretch of bridges along the Willamette River, clearly visible from most of the central part of the city. In fact, eight bridges line the 2.5 mile stretch of the river in the centre, many with very unique designs to allow for freight traffic underneath. Also worth checking out a little further north of the city is the magnificent Cathedral Park Bridge.


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But let’s not kid ourselves here, beer is what has really made Portland famous and put it on the tourist map. There are over eighty breweries in the Greater Portland area, and if there was a town anywhere that can lay a claim to putting craft beer on the map, it would have to be Portland. You can try every type of beer under the sun here, from cask aged sours to double hopped IPAs. Or just grab a nice crisp lager and watch the boats go down the river.



Those beers will lead you on a search for sustenance. Portlanders are way ahead of you on this one. With over 600 food carts on the street, and being dubbed as the best street food scene in the world by various media outlets, you won’t have to walk far to find something to enjoy. Can’t figure out where to go or what to try? Head to the Alder St. Food Cart Pod, the largest in the city, and centrally located.


How weird you keep it is up to you, but we know you’ll love this city.